Sunday, October 31, 2010

photo shoot - take 1 - and that's a wrap!

we received our photo disc from kaitlin this past week.  we were overwhelmingly excited to review the disc and see how everything turned out.  everyone has been asking how it went and is interested to see the pics.  we could not have been happier with how our story and message will be conveyed to the birth parents through these photos.  for this reason, we've both decided that we'd like to keep our photo shoot pictures private until we complete the profile book to submit to our agency.  the purpose of the photo shoot is to convey the story of our lives, what we see for their child's future, and the love we share with each other and with their sweet baby.  we think it best to work to create the book privately and then to share it with everyone electronically when it is fully complete, so that everyone can understand the purpose behind the photos we've selected.

to throw everyone a bone we picked one sample picture to give you a taste of what's to come. 

thanks again to GOD for getting us on this path and walking with us in this journey.  a million thanks as well to our photographer kaitlin roten (former jmu alumni), all of our friends, and our families for all of their love and support as we prepare to begin the paperwork portion of our journey.  we'll be requesting our packet mid-november for a december first submission.  we're ecstatic to be on this journey and are so looking forward to what is about to unfold.