Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lil' red rocker

stumbled upon this little red rocker the other day.  i thought this was just the perfect addition to the nursery. 

my two sisters and i used to love to sit in our little rockers and watch some tv.  lori would actually sit in hers until she was about 13.  she was the only one who could still fit her little booty in it.

husband also loves rocking chairs.  he's always been a huge fan; just loves rockin' it up!

can't wait to see our little one rockin' and rolling!


Melodie said...

my sisters and i all have our little rockers at our house now. and my boys love it! i love your red one. makes me wonder if our dark stain needs a cute little paint job!

adrianne + will said...

i just love this bold punch of color. the nursery is full of a rainbow of colors, but this red punch under the mobile is just what the room was missing.