Sunday, October 10, 2010

phase I complete

yesterday was the big day - the day that all of this hard work has led up to.  we had to get the nursery ready for the photo shoot, and the photo shoot had to be october 9th since it was the last session our photographer would have before taking time off for her own maternity leave.

we had long check lists, we had hundreds of things to do, everything needed to be "perfect".  for months we had worked on the yard, the house, ourselves.  but we made it - everything on the check list got done.  time for the photo shoot arrived and we were surprisingly calm when we met kaitlin (  she was sweet and helped us relax.  husband and i both commented that we did not even feel like we were being photographed - a definite sign of a great photographer.  we cannot wait to see how the pictures turn out.  we know they will reflect our love for each other, our hope for the future with our baby, and the fun and joy that we have in life.

so the big reveal of how the nursery turned out is now due.  below are my own photos of the finished room.  we still have to arrange to pick up my mother's rocking chair, but everything else is in place. 

now we can breathe easier knowing that this phase is behind us. 

we can focus on our paperwork and getting things ready for our initial application submission.  we'll keep you posted on our progress and where we stand in the process.


Cathy said...

The pictures look great and the nursery is wonderful!

Do you know which agency you're going to use? Did you decide to use BCS? My prayers are with you as you embark on this very special phase of the adoption process. Every adoptive parent remembers the anxiety and nervousness that comes during this part!!! Good luck!!!

I can't wait to read as you share your experience on your blog!!!

Melodie said...

the nursery looks beautiful!

Aubrey said...

Glorious! I love those blue bird knobs!! It looks super duper duper =)

adrianne + will said...

Thanks to everyone for all of your kind words and support through this process! Yes! We are going with BCS domestic infant program (so long as they accept us!) We're so excited and cannot wait to get on to phase II!

SassyIfLady said...

Love it - it's beautiful!!! Great job!

bethfuchs said...

The crib bedding is fantastic! Where did you get it? I am also fixing up a nursery and pursuing adoption through BCS.

adrianne + will said...

Beth - We selected our bedding from Hush Baby Co. off Here is the link directly to her page:

This lady is amazing and has the most unique fabrics to select from. Check out her Etsy page and she will also send you links to other fabrics she has in stock. You can select as many fabrics as you can ever imagine to build your own custom baby bedding!

We wanted something gender neutral, but as bright and colorful as we are, and could not find anything on the market that really fit that. Creating our own was fun, and it's something unique that no other baby has!

Congrats on your pending adoption with BCS! We're so excited we can hardly stand it!

Kelly the Overthinker said...

Can you come decorate MY house?