Wednesday, October 14, 2015

...and it came to be

in the past three days i've caught dax in what appeared to be thought pondering.  once was in the bathtub and the other in the car today.  in both instances he was staring off into space but yet still in deep focus.  when asked what he was thinking about he, on both instances, said he was sad that his baby sister (he calls her by name) was not there with him.

we pray for a baby sister and talk about her occasionally, but it is not something we discuss with him often because we just don't know when it will happen.  adoption is hard because of the uncertainty.  most mommies with babies growing in their bellies have at least some sort of rough estimate as to when the new baby might be delivered, but we just have no clue.  there's no countdown.  there's no warning.  it could be tomorrow.  it could be two years from now.  we just don't know.  try explaining all of that to a three year old.

however, it's amazing to know that God blessed us with a precious boy who is going to make a great big brother.  he's so sensitive and concerned with loving his little sister before she's even known.  it's the same love we had for him while we prayed in waiting for him to come.  we didn't know if we'd be welcoming a boy or a girl, a newborn or a three month old, or when he'd arrive.  yet, all the while - as we waited - we prayed and we loved.  we prayed that God would locate the child that was perfect for our family and bring us to him - and he did.  

we're so thankful to have sweet dax in our lives.  he's recently been memorizing verses for his awana class and this week's verse was:

"Psalm 33:9 - For He spoke and it came to be."

i cannot help but ponder over how fitting this verse is for all that's been running through my mind as of late.  it's like dax already has a connection with his sister.  a bond that will be inseparable.  a connection that only he and she will understand.  one day sweet boy she'll be here - and when she does we won't be able to contain our jubilation.

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Ashley said...

That's so precious! Can't wait to see Dax's little sister one of these days!!