Thursday, September 17, 2015

second year of pre-school and the happenings

our sweet boy just started his second year of preschool on september 8th.  he's still in love with his school, his friends, and his teachers.  we couldn't have asked for better.  every night he prays for all three when it's his prayer time.  so sweet.  we also recently signed him up for Awana and he is in the cubbies class.  this past week he had to learn his first memory verse:

1 John 4:10 - God loved us and sent His son.

we were all kind of shocked that he could learn this verse so quickly and were very proud of his efforts.  he very proudly displayed his booklet with his signature and completion sticker when he came home that night.  

it's amazing how much growth he's shown in his speech progression with his bi-weekly therapy appointments and we're so glad that he's not gotten discouraged or felt left out for not being exactly on point with the difficulties he faces in this area.  his teachers for both his preschool and his Awana class are very patient, understanding, and willing to work with him on it, and for that we are very thankful.

as of late sweet dax loves playing basket ball with his uncle keek, playing choo choo with auntie conti, playing on his playground outside with his daddy, and cuddling with mommy on her lap.  he loves his ipad and wants to constantly be playing lego games or puzzles.  we make him go technology free at various points of the day, week, and weekend so we can pry it from his clutches.  if he had his way he'd likely take it to bed.  

he still loves spaghetti, macaroni, crackers, (anything carbohydrate), all fruits (except cantaloupe - who can blame him), and will even try most everything we put on his plate.  he is no longer given any sort of "pass" on dinner and has to eat whatever we've fixed.  he will now try things like brussels sprouts, cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, squash, corn, sun dried tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.  

he's being treated for asthma now and has been on a q-var inhaler for over 3 months now and it has nearly cured all of his previous "allergy" issues.  he breathes much better, has much less nasal drainage, and gets a good night's rest when he lays down.  the team of doctors (primary, asthma, ent, and a speech therapist) all agree that it may be beneficial to have his tonsils removed.  we'd not heard this from anyone until three weeks ago, and now almost everyone seems to be on board with thinking this could help his snoring when he sleeps and possibly/maybe help him with some speech delays.  however, his routine therapist disagrees and says it likely won't make a change with his speech, and so she did not recommend it.  so, this puts us in a quandary and we just have to pray on it and see where the good Lord leads us on this journey.

we're all over here still praying for dax's baby sister.  he sometimes mentions her name in an off-hand kind of way and it makes me wonder if he knows something we don't.  but it's rather sweet to hear him pray for her by name, say she'll be his best friend, and hear him tell others whose room that is upstairs.  he loves her already, just as much as mommy and daddy do, even though we haven't yet met her.   we did finally learn that we raised $1000 on our texas roadhouse fundraiser we did back in august.  we are pumped about those extra funds and some money given to us by namaw and poppie which has helped to bring up our funds quite significantly.  we're so grateful for everyone's support, love, and prayers. we'll keep you posted should we hear any news, but until then, we'll just keep waiting on God's perfect timing and keep searching for Bliss!

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