Saturday, October 24, 2015

pumpkin patch '15


today was the day.
if you've read this blog for any length of time you know that the pumpkin patch is our thing.

today we got to take conti with us, so this was a special treat.  we geared dax up for several weeks, reminding him that this was on the schedule.  he got super excited today when he woke up and remembered that today was pumpkin patch day.  he had a blast jumping on the moon bounce pillow, running through mazes, doing duck races, going down the giant slide, watching goats and rabbits, riding the choo-choo train, taking a hayride, running through fields of pumpkins, and eating kettle corn, soft pretzels, and funnel cake.  

we all had a great time just watching this boy grin from ear to ear all day long.  sweet boy's personality was on fire today.  he was hamming it up all afternoon long.  when we went to the pumpkin field dax thought we should probably take home all of the pumpkins, even though there were about a thousand to choose from.  he had a hard time narrowing down the field.  we let him pick our four pumpkins and he selected a wide range from bumpy to green speckled to stemless to lumpy.  they'll be carved up later this week before the big festivities.

so glad we got to spend this day with our sweet boy making more happy memories together.

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