Thursday, September 10, 2015

searching for biologicals

have you ever wanted something so badly for someone but felt helpless in the process of trying to help them?  

that's how we feel in trying to help our sweet sister find any of her biological relatives.  she was adopted after being in foster care in the mid-seventies.  we are just looking for one shred of information, one tiny detail, one little link in the chain - something, anything, just to get us one step closer to obtaining any sort of information that could help her locate a biological relative.

she's the reason we have an open adoption with our son's birth family.  nobody should have to yearn their entire life to know this information.  

if anyone sees this and can pin it, copy it, paste it, share it - in any capacity we'd sincerely appreciate it!  you never know who you'll reach - someone who knows somebody who knows someone who knows something!

e-mail any information to:


beth said...

I am so blessed that you all are my family.

Rhonda said...
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Rhonda said...

Shared on Facebook. My brother-in-law found his birthfamily recently and I hope your sister will, too!

TTABaby said...

Has she tried any of the DNA swab sites? It's not likely to find a direct relative but could provide information on second and third cousins. Best of luck!

will + adri said...

Hi All!

Thanks Rhonda! We pray for the same for all those who are still searching.

Yes, TTABaby - she has tried the DNA swab but only found some very distant relatives who did not either know anything or did not respond. Sadly, that too was a dead end for us in this search.