Thursday, July 9, 2015

adoption fundraising

we're excited that texas roadhouse agreed to partner with us to do a fundraiser night.  they generously offered to create an account with with our adoption agency and to have a night where 10% of all receipts (placed in a bucket) would be donated to our account to aid in our second adoption.  we created the above flyer, which can be found in full format here.  we're been sharing it on social media with friends, family, and our local community.  we're hoping to have a good turn out that day.  it's going to be a fun fundraiser because none of the guests have to spend anything extra, and there's no craft projects that come along with it!  we'll be manning a table, handing out flyers, and urging and encouraging everyone to put their receipt in the bucket!

fundraising is hard work, and it's basically my second job at the moment.  there are some weeks that i focus on it quite a bit, and others where i just don't have time.  however, last time we adopted we did not do any fundraising and we really got underwater with all of the expenses.  we're hoping to go about this in a more educated fashion this time.  

we're so grateful to all who have helped us by purchasing books, shopping in our Etsy store, ordering t-shirts, shopping with our amazon link, and just making cash donations.  every little bit adds up and we'll be at our goal before we know it!

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kskains said...

I came across your blog from a friend of mine. I recently discovered They feature adoptive families trying to raise money. Just thought I would put it out there in case it's something you are interested in. Good luck. Fundraising is such hard work!