Monday, May 11, 2015

where we're at in process

we had our homestudy visit mid-april and our social worker told us it would take about a month to get it written up.  she also needed to meet with a pastor from our church to include in the write up.  while we waited on that to be completed we worked to finalize most of the nursery so we could get a picture included in our profile book.  

this past saturday husband finished folding all of the origami doves to be included in the baby's mobile that hangs over her crib.  it was a labor of love and one that i have not patience for.  thankfully husband is great at origami and once again reignited the fuel that helps those fingertips fold, crease, fold and repeat.  after the doves were completed i threaded them with fishing line and then strung a series of gold or silver beads on each one before hanging them on a branch from the trimming of our crepe myrtle trees.

 we're really happy with how it came out and dax thinks its swell!  he tries to jump and reach the birds every day.  he told us he thinks the baby will like it.  so glad he approves.

we still have to find an old dresser to re-purpose into a changing table, but i'm kind of picky with what i am looking for - so it may be a while until we find just the right thing.  once that's in place we're going to hang about 20 paintings and pictures on that wall and then we'll get this wrapped up.

aside from that we've got some continuing education credits to complete as well as working on a profile slide show to go online.  once we're given the green light on our profile book we'll work on the slide show so as to not overlap the photos we select.  almost there!

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