Saturday, March 7, 2015

building a profile book and a nursery

things are moving in the phases of our next adoption, but they are moving slowly.  we're happy with where we're at right now, but it's definitely a slower pace than we experienced last time.  last time we spent every waking moment pushing things along, and this time we're just letting them happen as they do with no added pressure.  we submitted our last round of paperwork mid-november and got a letter last week confirming it was all processed and verifying that we accept the fee terms. 

while we wait for our homestudy appointments to be scheduled we're working on the nursery so that we can complete our profile book.  today we had the nursery painted cathedral gray (i love gray) and this weekend we'll be working on rebuilding the crib and setting it up.  we've still got to order curtains, but a crib bumper is on the way, and the crib skirt is already here.  i'll be painting a large painting for one wall and then will is going to create some origami doves to hang for a mobile.  i love decorating, so this is the fun part to me.  will is a good helper, but i am sure he'll be glad when this part is all over.

i love having our nursery prepared well before the baby comes home.  for starters i love being prepared and i think i'd go a little whack-a-doodle if i brought a baby home and they didn't have a room.  secondly i love to go into the nursery and just sit and and think about and pray for the baby that will one day call this their room.  however, most importantly i love to put pictures of the nursery into the profile book so that expectant parents who review our book can visualize what the baby might be coming home to.  i know i'd want to see it, so i think whomever chooses us would like to see it too.

the profile book is just about complete, save for the two pages dedicated to the nursery photos.  i love creating profile books, but i agonize over every picture, every word (and then will agonizes over every word too), every page layout, font, colors, etc.  it gets obsessive at times.  i complete a mock up and then i review it and edit it multiple times over a month or longer.  we want to be 100% happy with it before i share it with anyone and before we submit it to our agency for approval and ordering.  

we saved a copy of the profile book we created when searching for dax and now it rests in his closet with the rest of his other books.  we still love it.  we hope he'll save it as a memento of a chapter of our waiting process and search for him.  hopefully the next little one that finds their way to us will also treasure theirs too.

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