Friday, May 15, 2015

on a potty

sweet boy posing for pictures at Easter.
dax is growing up so quickly!  every day we look at him and just wonder where did our baby go?  he is such a handsome fellow!  

last week was our first major focus on potty training and we knew dax was ready.  we'd half heartedly tried before, but it just wasn't sinking in.  we'd previously gotten him to go pee pee in the potty, but it would take him a very long time to get the job done and he'd never alerted us to the fact he needed to go.  this time we let him pick out a toy and he selected "fred" from big hero 6.  we let him buy the toy and then we put it on our mantle so it could stand for some motivation.  we explained to him that if for the next week he tried his best to go pee pee in the potty all week long that one week later he could get "fred".  the very next morning was sunday.  he decided after breakfast that he'd like to wear big boy underpants to church.  will and i were slightly unsure, but we know that our boy has determination.  we reminded the sunday school teacher that this was his first outing in big boy undies and they noted they'd frequently remind him.  

it was a long two hours during church and sunday school.  i was just curious how our little one was doing and i was praying things were going well for him.  when ss was over i rushed through the halls and was excstatic to see him in the same shorts we dropped him off in!  after we picked him up will took him potty at church and then on then we headed out to the playground so he could burn off some energy.  after playing he told will he needed to go potty so we went back inside the church to let our big boy go once more.  he did so well on his first outing so we let him go to school on monday in big boy pants.
our handsome boy at Easter.
he had a couple of accidents after school early that week, but none at school.  thursday and friday he had zero accidents and now frequently asks to "go a potty"!  after he'd done so well all week long he asked for "fred" on friday night while we were working on the nursery together.  i told will i thought it was definately well deserved, even 12 hours early.  we let him get "fred" off the mantle and we ceremoniously unwrapped and presented him to dax.  he was giddy happy.  he calls "fred" his fire toy since he shoots fire from his belly.  since last friday time he's only had a handful of accidents and has done amazingly well at alerting us and holding it.  we could not be more proud of his accomplishments!

for now we're still using diapers at night time when he goes to bed, but we'll be working on that next.  we're in the home stretch so we can save diapers for the baby that's working its way to our family!

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