Friday, February 27, 2015

fundraiser thanks

we're fundraising to help cover the costs of all of the application and processing fees of our second adoption.  fundraising isn't easy and sometimes feels like a second job.  however, it's a necessary for us this time around since we didn't do it the first time and the tax refund laws have changed.  some of the things we've been doing are selling our "searching for bliss" t-shirts, selling my book "mommy's freckles", raising money through our amazon link, and selling other hand crafted items in the etsy store.  

recently a sweet online friend messaged me and offered to conduct a jamberry fundraiser for us.  we took her up on her gracious offer and she kicked off our fundraiser in the middle of the month.  the fundraiser raised $200 for our adoption fees!  we were very impressed!

we're just so thankful to everyone who purchased, prayed, and participated in these efforts.  we're so grateful to our sweet friend ashley for doing this for us.  what a sweet heart!  she and her beautiful family were also built by adoption and they're also in the waiting stage for their second adoption.  please help me to pray for this sweet family in hopes that they find their next sweet child soon!  also, if you need any jamberry nails, please be sure to check out ashley's page!  she has tons of great options and all of the new spring designs!  if you've never checked them out - you totally should!

we're done with all of our paperwork and medical forms and recently we've been working on our profile book.  so, coming up shortly we'll have the cost of ordering four copies of our book and our homestudy process that's soon to begin.  the homestudy payment is one of the largest fees until the final payment.  all of this fundraising is certainly help us stay on track in our Search for Bliss!

sincerest thanks!

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