Sunday, December 28, 2014

had ourselves a merry little Christmas

we went to will's parent's house for Christmas this year and had a good time hanging out with namaw, poppie, cousins meri and ethan, and aunt lynn and uncle mike.  dax enjoyed playing puzzles, memory games, race cars, and kitchen time with his cousins.  
sporting an outfit his namaw gave him for his birthday.
on Christmas eve we went to a candlelight service at namaw and poppie's church.  the singing was beautiful and singing silent night a cappella with our candles lit had me crying.  we're so blessed in this life to have a saviour, have our family, to be healthy, have a roof over our heads, and plenty to eat.  poor dax had fallen asleep on the way to church and didn't wake up until we were heading back out to the parking lot, but it did make for a peaceful time and gave him some much needed rest.  
dax ended up in our bed on Christmas eve and was with us on Christmas morning.  he was a little groggy so we gave him a Christmas cookie and his "home" stocking to open in bed.  that helped his spirits lift to get him ready for the main event in the living room when the cousins arrived.  
he enjoyed finding some clementines, bunny crackers, and several toys in his stocking.
my baby and his sweet feet.
eating his clementines.
overwhelmed by the site of the gifts under the tree!
the three cousins.
i got the tape!  (as he attempted to catch a balloon.)
poppie started a fire with "money" - rolls of "money!
loving his magnet board.
he did really well with opening things, waiting his turn, and being excited for everyone.  most of his presents were educational and or had some purpose (like a snow suit, thick coat, and snow boots) - but i think he would have been happy opening boxes of crackers.  (ahem, vicki.)  after everyone had opened their gifts we took him into his room and played several puzzles to attempt to reground him.  he was a little overwhelmed with the chaos, but he quickly got back into reality with this little detox.
cousin ethan resting on the slide.
the day after Christmas we took advantage of the nice weather and took the kids to the park.  they all enjoyed running around and even daddy took a slip down the slide...
dax and daddy came FLYING off the slide and poor daddy hit the ground and his back on the end of the slide!  we decided to pack it up after this.
hope you and your family also had a merry little christmas!

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