Thursday, December 11, 2014


we've had a busy but good past few weeks.  we're thankful that daxton's eye surgery went better than expected and that he was able to completely enjoy his time with family at thanksgiving.  if you hadn't known he recently had surgery you probably really wouldn't be able to tell he'd been under the knife.

just before thanksgiving we noticed that one of dax's ear tubes was lying in his ear canal.  i removed it and commented that it would likely just be a matter of time before poor fella had another ear infection.  fast forward two weeks and here we sit with diagnosis #1 of an ear infection.  the dr. confirmed that the other ear tube is also working it's way out and laying further back in the canal.  she recommended that we schedule an appointment with his ENT to decide on the next plan of action - which is likely tubes round #2.  we've got that coming up on december 22nd.

i had lots of ear problems and multiple sets of ear tubes growing up.   it's sometimes almost unbelievable how in such a divine way we were given the child that God wanted us to parent.  it may seem small or insignificant, but i cannot stop thinking about how right we are for dax and how right he is for us.  by just previously dealing with tons of ear infections up into my twenties i'm better equipped to be his caretaker during the times he's having similar troubles.  will read two articles recently that discussed this idea - what a blessing it is that God gives us the right children.  we've never doubted - since dax came into our family - that he was destined to be with us, but its honestly a very emotional thing to think that even though your child was not born of your flesh they are so clearly born of your heart and how we fit so perfectly together.

wherever this frequent ear infection saga leads we've got faith in the outcome, but we're also glad we're equipped to handle the journey.

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