Monday, January 19, 2015

those ears

these sweet ears are so perfectly adorable, its hard to imagine how they can cause so much trouble.

these sweet ears are at it again.  last week, long about wednesday evening, dax started to show signs of feeling under the weather.  will thought he may have had a fever, but the thermometer said his temp was fine.  he seemed groggier than normal for that time of night (although every night with a three year old that doesn't nap is a little challenging), and we thought something was looming.  by thursday morning he woke up and told me his "ears" were "dirty" and so i offered him a little swipe of a q-tip and continued getting him ready for school.  since they were on an hour delay for ice, we had an extra hour to hang out before our departure.  it was during that time that he told me his "ears had a boo-boo" and i immediately called the pediatrician to get him checked out.  

once at the dr.'s office he told the dr. to check his "ears" and told him they had "boo-boos".  the doctor checked and confirmed that both ears were infected.  so, again we're back on amoxicillin.  the pediatrician suggested we reconnect with the ENT to determine if tubes were again warranted.  we let him know we'd already done that and the ENT pretty much told us that if he got another infection we'd probably want to go ahead and get them put back in.  (so far since the tubes fell out around thanksgiving, this will be our second infection.)

when daxton was two and a half he was diagnosed with some severe speech delays that were said to be due to his temporary hearing losses because of such frequent ear infections while his little ears should have been helping him learn words and hear the endings of words.  over the past six months he's made great strides with his speech improvements.  we'd hate to backslide now while he's gaining so much headway, and so we're looking for the most effective and immediate rectification of the issue.  his speech therapist agreed she thought tubes would keep him on track while he's gaining such rapid momentum.

so, we've put in a call to the ENT's office to see what the plan of action will be for this sweet fella and his precious ears.  prayers for quick healing and swift action to keep this boy free from further infections while a plan comes together.

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Cat's Litterbox said...

Poor little man. Prayers said that he heals and a goes smoothly. <3