Tuesday, June 4, 2013

mia - and we're not talking miami

sorry we've been on a long hiatus here.  work has been crazy and dax and i have been adjusting to attempting a new work room set up so he'll be happier during the day times.  either way it's been long days (and nights - sometimes until 1am) and we're excited to be nearing the end of a very strenuous and overloaded work schedule.

because i've had a lot of work lately we've also been going full throttle on the weekends.  three weekends ago we finally took dax to get his big boy hair cut, and i finally have some post-hair cut pictures for those of you who've asked.

last weekend we headed to my parent's house to be in town for a family friend's funeral and made sure dax got to visit with about 25 family members.  we were hoping to sneak a dip in the lake in on this visit, but the water and weather were just too cold, so dax just got to spend time playing in the yard and running around.  i got to stay up until almost 3 am to chat with my big sissy.  it's been a while since we got to catch up and it was great to spend so much time with her.  we were glad to see everyone, but totally exhausted when we finally made it home and needed another holiday weekend just to recover from the long weekend.

then, this past weekend "we" (and i should say my super amazingly wonderful husband) built our new patio chairs and got everything set up on the deck so that we can finally eat dinner al fresco.  we've been contemplating a patio set for a number of years now, but i am rather picky and just finally found something i liked that i thought dax would be able to use his booster seat in.  hopefully now we'll be doing a lot more outdoor dining.

saturday afternoon before dax's nap we turned on a giant sprinkler ball to let dax run through the water.  it was hot and muggy outside and dax had been such a good fella with all of the trips to target and construction going on that we knew we could all use some down time.  we were not sure how he'd react to the icy cold water spraying out everywhere, but it really did not take him long to run at it full force and just stand there with water spraying right into his face!  he played in the sprinkler for a good thirty minutes until he was soaking wet and covered with grass clippings when we elected to shut 'er down and get him into a nice warm bath and into his bed.  i think he really enjoyed it and we will be doing more sprinkler times soon!

saturday night after we got the table put together and ate our dinner we had to cut up over 1200 pieces of bread for The Lord's Supper at church.  sunday morning (after a short night) we had to wake dax up at 6am to get ready to get to the church by 7:15 to get everything set up.  (we are not morning people - nobody in our family does 6am well.)  we did not get back to the nursery to pick him up until 12:30 and when we got to him, he was fast asleep in a care giver's arms.  by then he'd skipped his lunch and we'd never really been able to get him to eat his breakfast off schedule so he was having a really hard time.  we suffered through an attempt at lunch (which really tested our patience) and got him down for a nap.  unfortunately he could not sleep for long and woke up with bad allergies and a runny nose that just would not quit.  luckily after we got him some benadryl his neighbor friend dylan wanted to have dax over for a dip in the pool.  dax really enjoyed swimming for about two hours!  however, once he was done - he was done!  his entire routine was thrown off and he had trouble for the rest of the day/night and had a terrible time going to bed that night.  i think we will have to find an alternate solution to The Lord's Supper set up until he's older.

lately we've had some questions surrounding when we'll adopt again.  will and i have had discussions around this and really find our hearts torn at this point about what God's plan is for growing our family.  we're praying and considering adopting from africa, adopting a waiting child from foster care, or pursuing another domestic infant adoption.  right now we're just not sure where we're being called and we're completely fine with that.  we're discussing talking with our previous adoption agency about all options some time in 2014, so when we have progress there we'll keep you posted.  until then we're madly and deeply in love with our sweet boy and are treasuring every second that he's our only.


Melodie said...

I just always love your pictures. we've also had days where we went off our normal routine and just never seemed to recover from it. He's a sweetie!!

Delaine said...

I can totally relate to off the schedule craziness... We learned with Caleb, it is just not worth it sometimes. In the grand scheme of things, this time when they crave routine is such a small window. This time shall pass. Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlerhood! This momma loves a routine;)
Love all the adorable pictures. He is getting so big! Miss you guys! XOXO

Cat's Litterbox said...

Definitely enjoy this special time with Dax as your only. You've got plenty of time to pray and think about what path to take, and God will lead you where you're meant to go.

I can't get over how big he's gotten. It's amazing how quickly they go from being little bitty ones to moving around and growing up!!

Your patio set looks wonderful!! Kudos to Will!!

Miss you bunches!!