Sunday, May 19, 2013

look-out - daxton is a growin'

(pre-big boy hairdo)
lots has been happening since we got back from the beach.  it seems like every time daxton has a milestone check-up appointment, he leaves the appointment on a mission to explode off the charts with new achievements.  we had his 18 month appointment last tuesday, and it seems like it all started tuesday night.  since then he has been working really hard to repeat words and songs.  after learning "car" while we were on vacation, he has since picked up "bible" while daddy was reading one afternoon, picked up "amen" from us saying it at meal times and bed time, and picked up "conti" (which is one of his auntie's nick names when we were making her a "cheer me up" video).  this week he also learned to sing "row, row, row" of row, row, row your boat and made a video to send to his relatives.  he is also now singing "wink" to twinkle, twinkle, little star and will do a hand gesture to show the diamonds in the sky.  and if that was not all ginormously amazing, he has also started singing very passionately at the end of the "hot dog song" on the mickey mouse clubhouse and actually closes his eyes and tilts back his head to sing the last word (house) "hooooooo-uuuuuuuu-ssssssss-eeeeeee"!  he will rock back and forth from one leg to the other and sometimes even do a little booty shake when he really gets into it.

nights after work this week daxton has spent his time running around in the back yard - clear across the one acre lot from one side to the other.  when we say "run to daddy/mommy" he will take off running with a huge grin on his face until he flops into your arms.  then we send him back to the other parent and back and forth he goes.  he gets fresh air and tired all at the same time!  after daxton's appointment he also went on zyrtec on thursday.  he has been having suspected seasonal allergies for the past 3 months.  after suffering from a non-stop runny nose and being on antibiotics for over a solid month for repeated ear infections, we agreed wth the doctor that we'd give this a shot.  we've only had him on it for three days, but he does seem to be better able to handle being outdoors and we can tell when it's wearing off at night before bed.  hopefully this will do the trick, so he can continue loving his outdoor play time each evening.

when we could not go outside because of rain or allergy issues we've been playing ball with dax in the house.  (yes, ball inside the house.)  we bought him a giant red ball and he is able to catch the ball if you toss it to him and he'll carry the ball back and forth all over the place.  he thinks the ball is huge fun and lights up any time he sees it coming!  one night we played with it for almost an hour!

usually when we order chinese food daxy gets broccoli and rice.  however friday night he did not want anything to do with his usual and insisted on having some of daddy's sweet and sour pork.  we let him try it (thinking he would just spit it out) and he was in love.  dax has only ever had french-fries once, and no other fried food before.  we didn't let him have too much for fear of tummy troubles, but i think he woul have kept on going if we hadn't pulled the plug and switched to apple-sauce.

saturday we took daxy on a big adventure and found a barber shop that specializes in african american hair.  we headed out about 30 miles from home and waited in line for over an hour for our turn in the chair.  dax did pretty well getting his blotchy hair-do trimmed up for more of a big boy style hair-do.  he didn't care for the trimmer too much, but daddy held him tightly while the barber went to work.  he did pretty well and the barber introduced him to the tools and even held him after he was done.  after we left we took him for a treat to try some italian ice.  daxy loved his coconut italian ice on a pic-nic bench in the sunshine!  we decided we'll make that a routine after each summer time hair cut!

at dax's 18 month appointment they confirmed he had grown to over 32 inches tall.  (in case you are not aware that is seriously encroaching on 3 feet tall!)  he's quickly grown out of his 12-18 month pajamas, so we had to stock up his clothing supply with 8 new pairs of 2T pajamas.  it was a sad day for mommy to be purchasing anything 2T, but they fit our boy just perfectly.  our little fella is growing up in every sense!

today daxton amazed us while we were at dinner.  we'd gone to whole foods to shop for groceries and decided to grab dinner and eat on the patio.  we thought this was ideal since he could not disturb anyone by being too loud since we were outside and could not really make a huge mess - again because we were outside.  completely ideal.  however, while we were in the middle of him eating his dinner i told him we had to blow on his sweet potato because it was hot.  so, after he picked up pieces of the sliced potato he would also blow on it.  it was so adorably sweet.  then, half way through the meal he kept reaching for a napkin, so i let him have one and he took it and wiped off his mouth, just like we do! oh gracious, that was just too much for words!

okay - just one last one - later on today, after we got home from the grocery store we played in the yard with the giant red ball and then daddy worked on pulling some weeds out of our front flower bed.  (thanks to daddy!)  they seem to crop up overnight.  and as he bent over to pull the weeds, daxton went up behind him and got into the exact same position so he could do exactly what daddy was doing.  that'll be the day - right!  when daxton wants to help pull weeds!

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How cute. And where is the post-big boy haircut pic?!