Sunday, March 17, 2013

"big book of boo boos"

scary things happen quickly.  just like leaves falling from a tree, one minute it's there hanging firmly to its branch and the next moment it's drifting in the wind. 


this morning, just like every sunday morning, we were harried and getting ready for church.  it was my turn first in the shower while will watched dax.  dax was enthralled in doc mcstuffins in the middle of our bed.  our bed is pretty tall and the top of the mattress sits about 3 feet off the ground.  one minute things were fine and the next dax saw something exciting on his show and he lunged out for the tv and tumbled off the bed.  will said everything played in slow motion and he lurched forward to grab him but did not make it before dax fell to the floor. 


will screamed "no dax" and then i heard dax crying.  instantly will came with dax to get me from the shower.  we all sat in shock for a few moments and dax cried while we took turns holding and comforting him.  i was still dripping wet from the shower when will told me it was okay to go dry off and get dressed.  dax was sad and sore, but seemed okay.  we said our prayers and thanked God for keeping our boy safe, even though something so scary had happened. 

as the morning progressed he seemed to grow more and more uncomfortable so we decided to take him to his doctor.  the doctor confirmed he did appear to be okay and told us the signs to look for with worsening conditions.  he checked the boo boo and bruising on his forehead and around his right eye, but said that the motrin we'd already been giving him was about all we could do at this point.  he told us he was glad we brought him in, but he thought he would be okay.

we told dax we'd jot this one down in the big book of boo boos, but the rule is that things like this can only happen once - and this one is now checked off the list.


~*~Jeny~*~ said...

How scary! So glad that he's okay!

Cat's Litterbox said...

That is scary for sure! I think every parent goes through this at least once.

Gus fell off our couch head first when he was about five months old. I was traumatized more than he was. Then he fell off our bed when Steve was watching him. I was certain that he had traumatic brain injury.

I'm glad he was okay and hopefully you won't have to experience this again!!

Ashley said...

Poor guy! It's so scary when those things happen. Hope he's feeling better!