Saturday, November 3, 2012

birthday - o n e

november 3, 2012 we hosted daxton's first birthday party.  friends and family came from as far away as illinois, virginia, and western north carolina.  it was a great day to spend with everyone who loves our sweet boy.

here are just a few of the photo highlights from our amazing photographer Sara Davis.

we'd decorated outside to let everyone know where the party was!

dax's giant number 1!
the table set up.
me, my sister beth, and my sister lori.
my mom, me, my sister beth, and my sister lori.
the delicious cupcakes!
me, dax, and daddy.
me, dax, and daddy.
daddy trying to help dax do some premature walking.
the arrival of a giant dinosaur balloon sculpture.
dax and his cousin james.
sweet feet.
dax getting ready to try cake for the first time.
dax being not so sure about cake.
dax declaring that he does not like cake or party hats.
my parents attempting to get the shot of dax eating cake.

daddy standing by with o's cereal in place of cake.
dax doing his big boy crawling.
dax and mommy.
dax opening his lifestory book about his birthmom.
dax and lori - otherwise known as "auntie conti".
dax and beth - otherwise known as "auntie bethy".
dax and my parents - otherwise known as gran-gran and nani.
dax and will's parents - otherwise known as poppie and namaw.
dax with mom and dad.
dax and his nextdoor neighbor dylan.

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