Wednesday, October 31, 2012


this was finally the year that we carved pumpkins before halloween actually got here.  we put it on the calendar and made sure we had plenty of time to make dax's first jack-o-lantern.  there were several options for the first pumpkin, and a close second was an outline of his hand and foot print - but how could we resist a mighty t-rex?  so, we jotted out a little dinosaur pattern from one of dax's dinosaur stickers and added his name below it.  dax helped daddy remove the guts and even stuck his hand inside of the cut out in the back of the pumpkin.  he was not quite sure what to think of those ooey gooey guts!  we ended up with a cute little glowing dinosaur for daxy's front porch.  last year we had an "adopt" pumpkin - so we'd really come full circle!

will came home from work a little early tonight so we could snap some shots of dax in his dinosaur costume.  we got him all suited up and headed outside.  he thought the costume was pretty funny once he had it on.  he played along with us for about 20 minutes while i snapped photos and daddy played with him on the porch.  he even let us take a video clip of him roaring in his outfit.  however, when he was done with the costume - he wanted that dino head off of his own head.  he tugged and pulled at the dino head and urged us to remove that crazy thing!  we got him out of the costume and back into his skeleton pj's so he could eat dinner and be ready for trick-or-treaters.  will and i are both in love of that photo of him looking in the window.  he learned to pull himself up into a standing position today, so its great to have this little pic as a timely reminder of this milestone.

dax helped us pass out candy every time the door bell rang.  he was not sure who was ringing the door bell all night long and how come none of those "friends" would actually come in the house.  he loved every character that came to our door.  he was intrigued by a mario, a luigi, thing one, and thing two.  he was not even scared by a transformer, a skeleton with a face mask, or even a werewolf.  he would just stare at them as they took the candy and frostee coupons and watch them as they walked down the pathway.  we loved his curiosity!

we met one little train conductor that carried a lantern with him.  this fella's dad carried him on his shoulders and he was just two years old.  we imagine dax will be a little more excited to wear his costume and go door to door next halloween and we can't wait!


Cat's Litterbox said...

The first Halloween is so fun! Next year will be even more fun with Dax toddling from door to door! Holidays are so fun when seen through your child's eyes!!

I love the pictures and I'm so missing you guys!! This is such a BIG month for y'all. I can't believe he's almost ONE!!!! CRAZY!!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute kiddo for Halloween. Just found your blog through the adoption interview project.

Halloween's always been a favorite holiday for me. I think it's because of the foods we ate as a family (pumpkin face burgers; really special). I bet for you guys, 10/31 is even more special; trick-or-treating and one year since you got your call.

Thanks for sharing :)