Sunday, January 8, 2012

two months

it's been two months since daxton was born.

it's been two months since this sweet boy found his way into our lives.

it's been two months since our hearts grew exponentially with a love we never knew.

 it's terribly difficult to believe how time has flown.  we constantly ask ourselves where our newborn baby went.  daxton is growing every day.  it seems that sometime overnight last week he sprouted out of his newborn clothes.  he seems to be stretching out.  he's still wearing size 1 diapers, but his legs, arms, and feet are too big for the footie pajamas that have become his favorites.  we packed them away this weekend and added some 0 - 3 month pajamas to his rotation.  we'll go for his two month check up tomorrow where we'll offiicially learn how much he weighs and how long he's actually gotten. will tried to weigh him at Christmas, but it was difficult to tell where he was at and we thought he was over 10lbs!

he spends more of his days awake admiring the world around him.  he seems to be having fun just soaking it all in.  he's fascinated by the birds that hang from the light fixture over the kitchen table, is very fond of the ceiling fans we have in several rooms in our house, and loves to see mommy and daddy's faces!  he's happy laying on his playmat and working his arms and legs.  he likes to be held up and using his legs to push, push, push off! 

he's showing us his personality and loves to smile, laugh, and giggle.  he loves to flash his dimples.  he's talking to us more and carrying on all sorts of conversations.  when  he wakes up from a deep sleep we call him a dinosaur.  he'll let out a roar just to let you know he's stretching into action!  he arches his back, throws his arms up over his head, and lets out a yell!  s-t-r-e-t-c-h!  when he's playing on his mat he'll coo and babble about all sorts of things.  he likes me to fill in the narratives and then he adlibs the rest.

it's been two months of adjusting to new sleep patterns, living with another person, and new routines in our lives.

it's been two months of 475 diaper changes.

it's been two months of 501 bottles.

it's been two months of cuddling, rocking, and loving on our boy.

it's been two months of the purest joy you'd ever know.


Kelly said...

What a great two months! We just hit 17 months and I still share the same sentiments. I know it's hard to imagine, but it just keeps getting better and better!! :)

Cat's Litterbox said...

Two months already??? WOW!! I love reading your posts and seeing how happy you guys are. You deserve it so much!!

Tomorrow Gus will be 20 months and I am still shaking my head asking where my baby went! Seems like just yesterday he was babbling and cooing on the floor and giggling at the fan... oh wait! It WAS yesterday (yes... he still coos, babbles and thinks the fan is the most amazing thing ever). :-)

Enjoy each sweet moment for they pass all too quickly!!

Miss you guys!! HUGS!!!

Kelly said...

I tagged you in a recent post! Come check it out!