Tuesday, January 31, 2012

created for care - march retreat

with multiple people's insistence i finally re-read and re-evaluated a retreat that is going on this march in ga.  one of the sweet adoptive hopefuls we met at our bethany seminar last year is planning to attend and asked me if i'd join her!  kierstin had mentioned it to me a while back and i just had too much going on to even consider it.  however, after i read back over the website, the offerings, and re-watched the video - i knew i just had to make it happen.

so, this march i'll be heading to ga with cherie to go to the "created for care" seminar at lake lanier.  Created for Care is a retreat for adoptive hopefuls and adoptive moms who've been called into this wonderful journey.  while on the life long journey there's a great need for support, friendship, and a close connection with friends and with God.  this retreat hopes to supply women walking the journey of adoption with as many of these tools and links as possible.  i'm looking forward to an amazing weekend with friends (some i've never met in person), a wealth of resources and information to download, and a stronger connection to God and what he's calling me to do.

*photo taken from snapshot of the created for care video on youtube.


Kelly said...

Woohoo!! I'll be there in march too! I hope we get to meet!

Kierstin said...

Yipeee!! I'm so excited!!

BumbersBumblings said...

I'll be there too!! It's going to be great!