Monday, December 19, 2011

smiles and giggles

dax has had a good couple of weeks.  he's progressing quickly and it's hard to believe he's almost 6 weeks old!  he is starting to spend a lot more time investigating his surroundings, reacting to our silliness, and making cute noises.  (we still laugh every time he tooties!)  in the past week he has started smiling a lot more and we'll get smiles and even a giggle out of him when he thinks we are being funny or when we tickle on his belly.   he's very active and loves to wave his arms, kick his legs, and press on things with his feet.  he loves to pet on the back of his head, rubbing his hair, when his head is turned to the side.  he also likes to put his thumb between his pointer and middle finger when he really gets going on his bottle.  he's only fussy when he makes his poopies, he's gone too long without his lunch, or he's gassy.  the opthamologist is going to wait and watch his left eye and says that since he is using it (even though it is not opening all of the way) he could wait and see him again at 6 months.  he had his circumcision last week and his follow up for that tomorrow.  he'll be happy there will be no more doctor visits until january!

saturday we had the blessing of spending the evening with dax's birth mother and brother.  we met them at a local mall and waited in line to visit santa.  the line was long and they plunked down the "santa's going to feed the reindeer" sign about 4 families in front of us.  dax's brother was patient as a little boy could be, but the wait was long, and even i got antsy!  dax was busy sleeping and his birth mom held him and eyed his growth and progress since she'd seen him last month.  she could not believe how big he'd gotten and how much heavier he was to hold!  we finally made it to the front of the line and got a picture of the two boys with santa.  dax's brother was so excited to tell santa exactly what he wanted this year!

after a visit with santa we decided to head to cpk to get some pizza.  we all shared dinner together and were impressed with dax's brother's dinner time grace!  he is such a smart and sweet boy!  dax kept sleeping through dinner and we tried to get him to wake up so he could visit.  he finally gave his birth mom and brother his best one eyed exam, but he did not give them the giggly dax we've met this week.  hopefully he'll be less of a sleepy head next time we meet up!  after dinner we drove them home and gave them the presents dax had picked out for them for Christmas.  we gave hugs and said our "see you laters" until we can meet up again this spring.

dax's birth mom seems to be doing a lot better and we're so glad we were able to spend so much time with them.  she was wearing a necklace we gave her in the hospital and it always melts my heart when i see it on her neck.  i don't know if she wears it all of the time, but just the fact that she wears it when she sees us is good enough for me.  she sent us a wonderful email that night before we could make it home, and we're just so thankful that she found us and picked us to be dax's parents! 

dax's birth father signed all of his paperwork this past week and we got everything in the mail on saturday.  we were excited to learn more about his birth father and to know that he also wanted dax to be with us.  it felt good to have this one last piece of the puzzle!  he noted in the paper work that he would like a relationship with dax, and that made us feel good!  it's going to be the best Christmas ever!


Cat's Litterbox said...

Gosh... this totally has me crying. What a BEAUTIFUL experience for you all. I'm sure it meant the world to be able to share the day with you guys and have both her babies together for a picture with Santa.

Open Adoption is so hard sometimes and can be so frustrating, but then there are times when it's the most tremendous, beautiful, amazing, incredible thing ever. To be apart of that is so very special, and I'm so happy to hear how it went.

I love that Dax's birth father wants to be apart of his life... what a gift. He has two birth parents that loved him so very very much that they placed him into your arms with love and trust. I love that it's working as it should, and he's going to grow up knowing so many people that love him.

This is the best Christmas ever and I'm thankful that your wait is over, he signed the papers, and Dax is surrounded by love!!

Hugs and miss you guys SO MUCH!!!

Ashley said...

He's so precious! I'm so glad you have such an open relationship with his birthmom.
We still laugh at Kaylee's toots and she's gotten to where she'll look at us and grin when she does it now.