Friday, August 19, 2011

faith in knowing

one of my sweet sisters told me to put on a smile, put on a dress, wear lots of jewelry, and to go have fun last night.  i followed her instructions and we had a great night out.  we dined on our favorite foods, shared a 10 year old bottle of wine, and toasted to 10 years of a wonderful marriage with prosecco.  we really feel like this is the last time we'll be celebrating as a family of two.

this journey is like a roller coaster.  one minute you're on the top of the hill, sometimes you are coasting down the peak, and most of the time you are climbing up hills that you never think you'll reach the top of.  i am not normally a crier (or what i call - shedding tears), but i have been lately.  any little thing can set me off.  some people say that going through an adoption a woman's body can mimic pregnancy symptoms.  if this is possible, i think i have the emotional part down pat.

today was a good day.  while the social worker did not hear from our sweet e-mom, she reassures us that this really is not abnormal and informed us of the standard "what happens next" procedures if the next time we hear from her is when she's in labor.  we still feel really good about the situation and feel like God has gotten us to this point for a reason.  so, i will try not to shed any more tears and keep plugging along with nursery prep, diaper bag packing, and washing tons of laundry.

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Ashley said...

Glad you had a good anniversary evening together! Keep trusting!