Thursday, July 28, 2011

latest obsession: baby clothes

baby clothes are adorable.  it's hard to find things that don't look too boyish or too girly, so when you do - and they are on sale - you just have to buy them.  lately i have been a huge fan of  i am still waiting on another shipment from that bargain site.  so far we've sound other sale items at janie and jack, gap, old navy, pure blankz, and kimono baby.  while it's hard to resist things with ruffles, hot pink, little airplanes, or anything else totally gender specific - i think we've found some pretty cute stuff.

i still need to launder everything and get them ready for a baby, but i think we've still got time.  so, until further notice i will keep hunting for bargains and keep collecting gender neutral clothing.  but, when a phone call happens and i know we're going to baby boy or baby girl land - everyone better look out for the flood of blue or pink!


~*~Jeny~*~ said...

Zulily is awesome!!! Sadly not compatible with the new budget, but I LOVE the stuff they have on there. It's definately a little difficult to find cute neutral stuff though - but so much fun to look! :@)

S and J said...

I love Zully's. Also babysteals is awesome. Just don't buy too many clothes bc when you have a shower that is what most ppl buy u. We have a whole storage bin full of clothes and most of them she never wore b4 outgrowing.

Cat's Litterbox said...

I agree with what everyone else said... but also wanted to add that Kohl's, Target, Crazy 8, and Gymboree are great for getting clearance items. I learned the hard way with spending too much on stuff for Gus (ask Steve, I went crazy). I now refuse to spend more than $5 on anything for him (unless it's for a special purpose). They seriously grow out of their clothes faster than you'd think!! is also a WONDERFUL site!!!

I hear you though... I'm obsessed with baby clothes too!! Just try not to go too crazy- use the money on books or toys instead!!