Wednesday, July 13, 2011

craft project number 2 - part 2 - cradle

cradle time.

i know the baby only sleeps in the cradle for a short period of time and that it will find its way to the attic shortly after the baby finds their way to the nursery.  i logically know all of this.  however, i cannot pull myself away from the cradle obsession.

i was on the mission to find the perfect cradle, and then to get said cradle assembled.  i did not want to spend a lot of money on this cradle, knowing what i stated above.  daddy visited with mommy and spent the entire 4th of july building this cradle.  we took all of the parts we had, measured the openings, evaluated what we needed to make this work (safely), and then made two trips to lowe's to get everything we needed.  we gathered the drill, the newly purchased "missing parts", our patience, and sat down for an afternoon of getting this all together.

i am in love with the sanding that i did on that early saturday morning a few weeks back, but i am not in love with the mis-matched silver and gold screws/bolts etc.  i have been contemplating spray painting those screws and bolts to better blend in with the cradle itself.  not sure which way we'll go on that.

that all being said, once i determined that we were going to have to spend $16 on missing screws, i knew that we were not going to attempt making cradle bedding for this cradle and would be ordering the bedding.  i think i finally decided to order the following combo to match with our bedroom:

we're thinking that the cream matelesse will be the exterior fabric, the zig zag stripe will be on the interior of the bumper, and the robins egg fabric would be on the piping and ties.  we know it's blue and blue is typically for "boys", but it matches our bedroom and we think that is the direction we should go.


bethfuchs said...

I had a similar screw dilemma--to paint or not to paint. I ended up using a white paint pen from Michael's to make everything match and at the same time make all the hardware disappear.

will + adri said...

Great idea Beth! I will have to try this!

Delaine said...

LOVE IT!! Caleb slept in a cradle for awhile and I really liked it. He loved napping in his cradle!! You guys did an awesome job. I can't wait to come visit and see everything.