Saturday, July 2, 2011

craft project number 2 - part 1 - cradle

i know - you are thinking what happened to the burp cloths part 2? 

well - you see - the sewing machine and i got off to a rocky start and i called my mom one night a couple weeks back, at about 11pm when i needed some assistance.  i begged her to come and help me right then!  she thought it was hysterical, but did agree to come help me when she could.  turns out tomorrow is the day.

projects and i have had a rough time here lately.  i thought it would be a great idea to purchase a cradle off craig's list and make the cradle bumper and we'd have our own unique hand assembled piece.  we found a great deal (or so i thought) on this cradle and went to pick it up about a month ago.  it sat, unattended in our garage, for almost a month until the dog woke me up last saturday morning at 6:30am and i could not go back to sleep.  i cruised on out to the garage and began scrubbing, sanding, and inspecting the cradle.  after some thought about how all of the parts would fit together, i realized that we were missing quite a few screws. 

this part, above, is the only thing that was preassembled and the rest of it is missing bits and pieces.  will decided there would be no more purchasing from craig's list and we really should not be doing any more projects.

before i resorted to agreeing with no more projects i decided i would go and price out the fabric and all of the pieces to create our own custom bumper.  i found the inserts online for $20 and then went to the fabric store and found out the fabric i wanted was about $30 a yard.  after doing all of the math i determined that it would just be cheaper (and easier) to purchase our cradle bumper online.  will was right.

so on july 4th my mom will be helping me learn how to sew and my dad will be helping me find the missing pieces for the cradle.  hopefully we will wrap up all of these unfinished projects and i can find something else to occupy my time and my project oriented brain.

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Cat's Litterbox said...

That stinks about Craig's List. I have to give CL two thumbs up for all the things that I've bought from people on there. We always check what we're buying and make sure that it works before leaving with the item. Maybe you could do CL for toys/books once your darling deer is here.

I was looking forward to burp cloths part 2... :) Anyway- keep the projects coming and keep busy!!!