Thursday, June 9, 2016

neutral nursery

today's the day.

we're at the one year mark on waiting.

we were prepared to wait, but honestly never thought we'd be waiting more than one year.  as noted, we finally got the new crib sheet and redecorated the nursery to a more gender neutral theme.  our profile book has been updated and four copies are supposed to come into us late next week so they can be sent out to each of the bethany offices in the state.  we're glad we've got this all updated and can kind of start fresh.

dax says the baby will like the new room.

we're trying to explain to dax that we're still waiting for a baby, but it might not be a baby sister.  he's grown quite attached to the name we'd given this illusive baby girl - so we now keep having to redirect him to say that maybe it will be a sister - but it could be a brother.  he asks almost every day if she's coming today.  either way he's excited and just hopes that his sibling can play baseball with him soon.

join us in praying that our hearts can hold out while we continue to wait for God's perfect match for our family! 

we've chosen a more gender neutral color scheme.
we're still in love with the birds and tied that into the new colors.  the quote over the bed is Psalm 30:5 to remind us that joy comes in the morning.
will's great at making origami!  one time i had an art show and he made hundreds of birds to hang from the ceiling!
i painted the new painting to go above the crib.


Melodie said...

Praying for you guys as you wait on His timing....which is so so hard sometimes!

Ashley said...

Love the nursery and the bright colors! Hope you don't have to wait too much longer. Praying for you!

Jonathan and Rachel said...

Love the room and excited to watch God's plan unfold. Love you, friend!

Blogging For Adoption said...

Beautiful nursery. We are starting year two again as well and I can relate. Praying your wait isn't much longer.