Thursday, August 23, 2012

sicky - icky & boogers

we noticed on sunday that daxy was not drinking full bottles.  he started smacking the bottles out of our hands when we'd approach.  this was highly unlike any previous behavior from our sweet baby who always opened his mouth like a baby bird when he saw a full bottle on the horizon.  it was not however until wednesday in the wee hours of the am that i started to realize he was actually ill.  at about 4am he developed a fever.  (for once when i took his temperature it was actually not the temp it should have been.  paranoid?  we've thought before he had a fever and when we took his temp, it was completely normal.  this is the first time we've seen something with triple digits.)

along with the spike in temperature came the snotty stuffed up nose.  dax is not a big booger producer.  i've seen lots of kids before who just have incredibly snotty noses, and thankfully dax is not one of those little dudes.  so, by 10am wednesday it was starting to scare him when he would sneeze and something would drip out of his nose.  he had this look on his face like - get - this - off - of - me!  momma came running with the tissues.  right now he's just super congested and hoarse sounding, so hopefully the drippy runny stage is over.

a trip to the pediatrician's office yesterday showed all of his blood work as normal (so we know it's nothing bacterial), several red spots on his throat, and the elevated temperature.  his ears looked clear, lungs sounded clear, and the dr. felt certain it was a virus that's been going around the area in the past two weeks.  he confirmed that he should be better by sunday, and if he wasn't, to bring him back to the office on monday.

we're pretty sure that this illness found its way into our sweet daxy's body by way of his beloved passie on a clip.  see, recently - since he's been belly dragging all over town - so has the passie.  on sunday he attended our kids town nursery at church, where we're sure the passie saw a good amount of floor action, along with equal amounts of passie on mouth kissy lovins.  so, perhaps (just maybe) said passie got a germ or two on it at church and found its way into our sweet dax.

and so we mope.  poor baby woke up with a temp of 102.7 this morning.  however, he did sleep straight through his last motrin dose.  after the first morning's motrin we had him back down to 100 by breakfast time.  after he ate he slept and slept and slept.  which, we're hoping was like a medicine boost and he'll continue to do snooze some more this afternoon and tonight.  yesterday he failed to take any naps (except for 1 one hour power nap in the evening), and did not fall asleep again until 10pm.  very unlike the dax we know.  a tired, sickly, cranky baby makes for tired, sickly, cranky parents.  luckily will has friday off so the dudes will get to hang out together and lay low. 

we're all collectively sad not only because dax is sick, but because we missed daxy's half brother's birthday yesterday.  we had been planning a trip to see his birth mother and older half brother for a giant birthday celebration.  we were all looking forward to getting together, hanging out, and celebrating together.  however, with super sickly dax all fevered up and contagious, we knew we just could not make it.  it broke our hearts to text daxy's birth mother to let her know we'd not be able to head over, and we hated that the first time we had to cancel a visit was for something that was going to be so special.  (i got a text back this morning that they had a magician with bunnies and monkies!  drat to missing the monkies - who has ever got to pet a baby monkey!?)  hopefully we'll be able to make it up to them with a visit over the labor day holiday weekend when sweet baby daxy is feeling much more festive!


Ashley said...

Poor Dax! Kaylee is sick as well, although she hasn't had any fever. Pretty sure she picked it up at church as well. Hope he feels better soon!

Melodie said...

Poor guy! Those high fevers can be scary. Hope he's feeling better soon!

Cat's Litterbox said...

There's nothing worse than when your child has a fever over 100, feels unlike themself, and you can't do anything for them really. Makes you feel helpless!

Hopefully Dax is feeling better and you were able to make a visit with his birth family!

~*~Jeny~*~ said...

Sick babies are no fun :@(
Hope he feels better soon!