Wednesday, August 15, 2012

belly drag

it's the end of the world as we know it.
it's the end of the world as we know it.

Belly Drag

daxton did something down right amazing yesterday.  after work i was playing with him in the floor and he saw something he wanted (a sock) across the room and he went for it.  he used his elbows to just drag himself right across the floor to it.  for a few minutes i just sat here (jaw on the floor) in utter amazement and then when it dawned on me what had just occurred, i lunged for my phone to make a video for all of the daxy fans.  it never fails, whenever he hears the beep of the video camera begin to record he freezes (mid frame) as if to tell me i did not have his consent to video tape this event - and  like that - the belly drag was done.

shortly after this stunt daxton fell asleep and took a long nap, so i had kind of forgotten about it until we got ready to put him to bed last night.  will and i took him in his room and got him changed up for night nights and read him a story.  he was kind of energized by the "kissing" book (which tells you about multiple ways to kiss - and then you give him a little demo - butterfly kiss - doggy kiss - monkey kiss etc.), and so he was all of the sudden no longer interested in bed time.  i laid him on his tummy and got out the ball.  he rolled the ball with daddy and the dog and when they stopped rolling it back, he decided to go get it himself, dragging himself across the floor!  will could hardly believe his eyes.

today, he's continued on with the act of the belly drag, dragging himself over to punch buttons on my laptop keyboard, dragging himself over to play with the wheels of my desk chair, dragging himself over to tickle my foot, and on and on.  at one point i had to get up and close the door to the office for fear he just  might drag himself right out into the hall and right down the steps!  i am afraid little fella is on the move!


Melodie said...

yay for a new stage! :) it's amazing to watch them develop and learn.

Ashley said...

Yay Daxton!
Your "easy baby" stage has just ended. LOL!

Cat's Litterbox said...

Let the fun really begin!!! I love that you were home to see him drag himself for the first time-- what a moment! It's the first of some really big ones to come!!

As Ashely said, the easy baby stage has definitely come to an end and now you get to enjoy the moving baby stage.

It truly is remarkable to watch them grow and develop and put things together. Enjoy each and every moment... they pass much too quickly!!!