Thursday, June 14, 2012


we had an ophthalmology appointment for dax when he was just a few months old and today we had his follow up appointment.  we pretty much knew what the doctor was going to say before we got there, but we were still anxious to go just to make sure there was nothing else we could be doing.  dax was really good at the doctor today and despite a nap in the waiting room he was wide awake when it mattered.  last time he was there he was sleeping through the appointment and the doctor had to use some eye prying device to see his little eyes, which really creeped me out!

today the doctor reconfirmed congenital ptosis in his left eye and measured the eye opening to a 10 on the right, but only a 5 on the left.  the doctor did note his attempted compensation for the lack of opening in the lid and noted how he lifts his chin holding his head back or raises his eye brows.  we notice this when he's trying to look at something up close or when he gets too tired.  the doctor confirmed the corrective surgery will take place once he is 3 years old since the symptoms are only moderate and asked to see us back in two and a half years.

it's a good feeling to know he is able to see what he needs to see, the surgery when it does happen is fairly routine, and aside from a tiny scar on his upper lid - nobody will ever know the difference.  we're grateful we have medical insurance to cover the majority of this type of procedure and are happy that for right now he seems perfectly fine about all of it. 

another thing that i am so undeniably thankful for is my husband - daxy's daddy.  it's never a question to him if he "needs" to go to the appointment with me.  regardless of what it is, what it's for, what time it is, what it's in the middle of - he is right there.  we all go together in the same car (after the one time i got lost meeting him for daxy's urology appointment) and he drives us there and takes us back home before driving into work.  he's a sweet, loving, caring daddy and i am thankful he belongs to us.

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Kierstin said...

Ohhh what a great Daddy and so happy that you have answers you are ok with. You guys are such a great family!! XO