Friday, June 29, 2012


daxton took his first major trip this past friday.  we packed our bags and headed to "the windy city".  we loaded up with diapers, bottles, passies, toys that did not make noise, and wishes for smooth flights.  dax did a great job getting through security and we waved to daddy as we made our way to the gate.  he got a little fussy once we heard lots of final calls and loud announcements, but with a quick bottle he was back to his chipper self.  we boarded our plane for cincinnati and my fears of an unpacified baby melted away as the plane picked up speed down the runway and daxy fell to sleep.  he slept all the way to cvg.  our layover was short and we had just enough time for a diaper and a bottle before it we were on our plane to chicago.  he was a little less concerned with napping on the second flight of the day, but the flight was short - and before we knew it - we were in chicago.

we picked up our carryon items and waited to be the last people off the plane, so i could gather everything from the overhead bin.  keeping your butt out in the aisle is the only way to pick up a baby and a diaper bag.  after we made our way off the plane we followed the signs to the baggage claim area.  once we reached the base of the escalator i heard my brother in law calling dax's name.  we were relieved to know we'd have help to lug a carseat and its base, a stroller, a suitcase, a diaper bag, and a baby on the el into the city.  chris got us safely to the car and played with dax while i installed the car seat base.  (husband had given me a lesson before dropping us off that morning.)  within 5 minutes, we were on our way. 

we made our way from the airport into the traffic.  everything was backlogged - even at 3pm - so chris took an exit and we headed into the city.  dax and i were in need of lunch and a bathroom break so chris found us a great thai restaurant to stop and kill some time.  we were waiting to be able to pick up lori (baby sister) when she got off work at 5pm.  i enjoyed my thai spicy lunch, dax enjoyed his bottle and a good stretch, and chris was glad we'd made it safely out of the traffic.

after picking up lori we made our way back to her condo and i got the grand tour.  dax was happy on the couch, but i needed to see where lori is when i talk to her on the phone.  do you ever have this desire?  i just really like to know where people are when i am talking to them.  strange?  maybe.  lori obliged and showed me around.  it was great to see all of the projects she'd worked on that we'd previously discussed over the past year.  her place was so cute i told her she'd have to come help me jazz mine up.  we settled into some comfortables and chris and lori started on dinner.  we opened up some wine and sat out on the patio while chris grilled strip steaks and lori steamed lobster tails!  it was such a treat!  we stayed up and chatted, sang, and danced on the patio until i literally started to fall asleep at the table.  tomorrow was another day.
saturday we got up early (thanks to my sweet baby) and we headed out for some breakfast.  we went to a really cute little place and dax enjoyed the wall street journal while we waited for our table.  i ordered for us and our delicious cappuccinos and versions of croque monsieurs were quickly delivered.  we sat and enjoyed the breakfast before a day of sightseeing and shopping.  dax was good in the stroller and as long as we were in motion, he had his passie, and the scenery was changing he was good.  we shopped until we dropped and daxy picked up a chicago ball cap, a counting book of city scenes, and some jingle beads for his little kicking feet.  we worked to construct these little "bracelets" for him to wear so he'd hear jingling bells every time he kicks, but he'd kick them right off every time!
sunday we headed into china town for a feast of dim sum.  we don't have dim sum cart service in raleigh, so lori found a place we could test it all out.  chris drove us to a restaurant called the phoenix.  we arrived early so we could be sure to get a table.  i waited all morning for bao buns.  every steamer basket that was presented was a bit of a dissappointment because it did not contain the bao.  we waited and waited until just when we were about stuffed to our eyeballs on baby octopus, squid, bean curd, and chicken wings - they finally brought the beloved bao.  we all took a bite and it was kind of like that moment when you hear the "whaa whaa" let down sound.  it was okay, but it was not worth all of this energy and a trip to chicago to have!

after our bellies were full we toured some more of the city and eventually ended up at lake michigan.  the water was crystal clear and the sun was hot, so i figured we'd get dax in for a little toe soak.  he did the same thing he did last time he was exposed to chilly water - tuck and cringe!  there woul be no wading in the water for daxy!  lori, chris, and i enjoyed the water and sat on the shore for a little bit to just soak in some sun.

monday's tour included a trip to millenium park to see "the bean", a tour of my favorite store "rudy's roundup" (we just love it for the name - the name rudy goes back to the days of the huxtables, and lori aka rudy aka conti - never goes by her real name), and a visit to big and little's for some ahi tacos.  dax was killer in his new sunglasses.  he kept them on pretty well, but on several occassions we found him flailing the $20 sunglasses around and i had to take them back.  silly daxy! 

dax slept really well in the pack-n-play that was formerly used for rocco (the chihuahua) after his spinal surgery last year.  i was surprised that he'd sleep so peacefully with all of the city noise and the lights pouring in through the windows.  afterall, his room is pitch black at night and where we live you can only hear crickets and frogs.  i think we wore him plum out.  he was just exhausted.  he was so tired he slept all day on wednesday.  poor fella.  one thing he did not do well while we were out of town was to eat his baby foods.  chris had gone to whole foods and purchased dax's disposable diapers, formula, and baby food.  he then lugged all of that up 4 flights of stairs - only for dax to stick his nose up at the baby food and not eat it.  it was strange, because to date the only thing he'd  never not eaten was a mixture of green beans, peas, and mint (even i thought that it smelled/tasted strange).  however, we tried to feed him in multiple places, with multiple foods, and multiple spoons, but he was just not having it.  could he really be that in love with his high chair?  i dunno.

he's a good traveling buddy.  there were 4 flights total to get us to chi town and back and daxy never cried on a single flight.  he was easily entertained with jumping, smacking me (its not as violent as it sounds), and silly faces whenever he was awake.  otherwise he slept and rested his sweet traveling noggin.  it probably won't be until 2013 when daxy flies again, but if he keeps up this sweet demeanor he'll be a world traveler before you know it.

it was great to spend so much time with lori and chris, but it always feels like it's just never enough.  we love our family and we're always missing them when they aren't with us.  until we see you again - love!

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Cat's Litterbox said...

Sounds like a GREAT trip!! Glad Dax had a good time and was easy on the four flights!! I bet it was a relief for you!!

Sometimes going somewhere new can cause a baby not to eat like they usually do. Obviously it all worked out for you. We had a similar issue with Gus the first time we headed back to MI for a trip-- he was nine months I think.

It's always bittersweet to see family isn't it? It's never enough time and makes you long for them even more. :-(

I love that you wanted to see where your sister is when you talk to her. I'm the same way!!