Thursday, May 10, 2012

a mother's day

mother's day.

it was previously always a day i loathed up until last year.

at about this same time last year we were in full paper trails and for the first time ever i saw light and felt hope - hope that soon, sooner than ever before i'd be someone's momma.

see, it's all i ever really wanted, all i ever genuinely prayed for - was for God to make us parents. it took a hell of a lot of convincing on our hearts, but God had it all planned out.  He knew that that mother's day would be the last morher's day that could consume such sadness. despite the hope, we still had doubts of the timing, but it all flowed smoothly together and i started to feel at ease.

and so it's on this day that we typically commemorate moms with corsages, bouquets, cards with gold seals, and freshly prepared meals that she doesn't have to prepare or clean up after, that i humbly welcome myself into this upcoming weekend and officially indoctrinate myself into those that can be and will be happy on this mother's day.  so wherever this journey finds you, may you take piece in knowing that things do get better. God can make beautiful this out of the dust, and i hope that one day (if it has not already) this day will bring happiness to you as well.


BumbersBumblings said...

Happy first mother's day, Adrienne! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Ashley said...

Enjoy your 1st Mother's Day!!