Wednesday, March 21, 2012


who ever thought the skin of a baby would be cause for such great concern? 

little daxton who does not even possess much skin, has had more skin issues in his short 4 months than will has had his entire life.  (i leave myself out of the comparison because i have had my fair share.) 

we've gone to the dr. multiple times for cradle cap and baby acne while we found ourselves at another appointment yesterday for an unknown rash on the thigh, calf, and scalp as well as some chafing in the diaper area.  the dr. went through a gamut of products and basically deterred me from using everything we are currently using to try this new regimen.  he says that it does not appear to be the cloth diapers vs. the disposable seventh gens rubbing, but that we just need some diaper cream on the area for protection.  i cannot bring myself to use the suggested a+d diaper ointment and will continue using the burt's bees diaper ointment instead.  if that does not continue to improve i also purchased california baby diaper cream which has more zinc in it. 

he asked that we get eucerin, or some other "non baby lotion" for the thigh area, which i purchased.  i also picked up mustela stelatopia cream for eczema-prone skin, since that is what they keep saying that we're probably looking at down the line.  i feel like we have a full arsenal of products and don't want to put his baby skin into shock with so many new products, so we are trying them out slowly to see if anything will clear up these issues.  he does not seem itchy or uncomfortable, so hopefully we can get this cleared up and he will be back to smooth non-irritated skin shortly.

the dr. said to keep him dry to help with the chafing.  we were changing him about every three hours (during the day) and he never sits in a poopie pant for more than 5 minutes.  i have started changing him every two hours now, but even yesterday he soaked a diaper and sprung a leak in 1 hour and 52 minutes.  should we wake him up at night to change him?  anyone have a solution for the chaffing except diaper cream and going bigger on the diaper? 


Ashley said...

Poor little guy! We used the A+D cream and it has always worked great. Kaylee hasn't had too many skin issues though. Hope something helps soon!

Cat's Litterbox said...

Girl... do NOT wake a sleeping baby. For real. Don't do it.

We had some rashy issues with Gus and used the Burt's Bees and it pretty much helped.

I'd watch where the rash is happening though. As much as I loved cloth diapers... we did have more rashes when we were CDing and I think it's something to do with the detergent we were using to clean them.

We were using Rockin' Green and had to discontinue it because it wasn't helping with the rash... and we finally just stopped CDing all together and haven't had one rash since.

I've heard that Aquafor (something like that) is incredible for rashes too.

Anyway- keep up the good work with getting things cleared up for Dax. In my experience (of which I have very little lol), if he's wet or uncomfortable, he WILL let you know it. There will be no need to wake him to change him... if he needs changed, he'll make sure to let you know about it.


beth said...

When James was this age I had to change him at night... about half way through..usually when I went to bed and he always settled well. Just a thought. I have just read the last entries since...Valentine's Day and Im a blubbering mess...I love our little man.