Thursday, March 8, 2012

4 months

it's been four months since daxton was born.

it's been four months since this sweet boy found his way into our lives.

it's been four months since our hearts grew exponentially with a love we never knew.
i have to jump right on in the deep end and just say some words from one of our latest america house original songs:  "my baby is the cutest baby, is the cutest baby, is the cutest baby!  my baby is the cutest baby he's the cutest baby i know!  my baby he's the cutest baby, he's the cutest baby, he's the cutest baby there is!"  now that this is over you can go back to the regularly scheduled blog entry.

daxton's new reflux medicine (prilosec) has changed his life.  he no longer has so much tummy upset and indigestion from his formula.  he's been switched over to that for about a month now, and he's also been on earth's best organic formula for about that long too.  so far we like the changes we're seeing in his behavior and comfort level.  hopefully his digestive system will continue to give him less and less stress.

daxton's getting a lot happier with his tummy time stints.  he's happy to go down on the blanket and check out all there is to see.  he'll even lay there and play for a good amount of time before he'll loose balance of one arm that sends him crashing to his left or right.  he used to get to this point and just fuss until you'd roll him over, but now he actually just contently plays stuck there on that one side.  he loves laying on blankets just babbling and talking to the stuffies and their plastic counter parts.  its cute to watch.  he loves holding his head up and has very good neck control.  we gave him a couple of go's in the bumbo seat, but his belly and back were not thick enough to get the support, so after wrapping him with blankies he seemed to like it okay, but we're hoping it will be more impressive when he's a little bit bigger.

during his 4 month photo shoot he decide to ramp his rump up into the air and start scooting like he thought he was just going to all of the sudden break out into a crawl.  i am not so sure that he was just not done with the clickety clack of the camera (or will says he was running away from leg warmers), but it was a sight to see.  i told him he was too young for crawling, so he needed to stay calm and stay put!  i need my sweet baby to stay where i left him!  he's a huge fan of spinning around in a 360 degree circle, but when he starts moving off the blanket, we better look out!

daxton loves to have something to focus on.  if he's got something better than his own two hands and ten fingers then he will be happy with whatever that item is, but if they are all he has, he will be perfectly content with those just the same.  he has a fondness now for his sophie, any sort of blanket, and an upcycled elephant.  we keep him stocked with toys when we need to be in the car for longer than 5 minutes so he can keep busy.  he's no longer a huge fan of laying there watching the world go by.  all though, we have determined at target that he is a people watcher.  his eyes would bounce from one row to the next, from one cart to the next, from one lady to the next - just soaking it all in.

his bed time is still going splendidly well.  he still goes to sleep every night right around 9:30.  he'll have prayers, a story, and get zipped up in his sleep sac with the sleep sheep going in the background.  give him his passie and he is ready to go down for sometimes 13 hours.  no complaints here!   we have learned that wearing cloth diapers helps him to sleep lots longer.  he's only ever had one accident in a cloth diaper, and he had given that diaper a run for its money.  we pray that bed time will always be a place of family, a sense of peace, a place of rest, and a loving space that will help dax recharge his batteries.

it's been four months of 864 diaper changes.

it's been four months of 869 bottles.

it's been four months of cuddling, rocking, and loving on our boy.

it's been four months of the purest joy you'd ever know.

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J.L. said...

Love these pictures of Mr. Handsome on the quilt. Cannot believe what a good sleeper he is.