Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"the wait"

looking back on it now, i can see how "the wait" for daxton was tender and sweet.  you're full of anticipation, excitement, and joy filled hope.

this week i am working on making a picture slide show of "how dax found us" for his meet and greet party on saturday.  several things really got me:
  1. i am so glad we took so many pictures of "the wait".  it was a time we can show dax when we were preparing for his arrival and we celebrated each hurdle we went through.
  2. we really celebrated a lot.  there was the completion of his nursery, the completion of the initial paperwork, the approval for the formal application, the completion of the formal application, the completion of so many books and classes, the completion of the home study, just checking everything off of the list.
  3. "the wait", while it seemed long at the time has really melted away.  i don't remember all of the sadness and longing so much as i remember the fact that "the wait" - especially the filling out of the applications - helped will and i learn more about each other and grow ever closer together.  we clung to each other during the process, the failed match, and then ultimately the unknown of meeting dax for the first time.  "the wait", while it was so terrible awful at the time was such a magically wonderful thing.
if you are going through "the wait" right now, don't stick your nose up at me or make a mean face through your computer screen.  i see you doing it right now, just to spite me.  it's so true, "the wait" is something you'll cherish one day when it's all said and done.  enjoy it, treasure it, relish in it.  it will be over before you know it.


Ashley said...

Great post and oh, so true!

Kierstin said...

True true so very true--- which is why waiting the second time around just isn't so bad.... I know the end result is awesome-- in God's time!

Cat's Litterbox said...

Would you had ever guessed that you'd be writing something like this??? Back when you guys were waiting... it was so hard wasn't it? I think it's the unknown that makes it so hard and stressful.

Waiting for anything isn't easy, especially something that you've waited your whole life for! You've got a sweet little baby now and the minute he was in your arms, all the pain of waiting was gone.

Adoption is so similar to pregnancy in this way. Mothers labor and experience the pain of childbirth, only to forget that pain when they hold their child. It's the same for adoptive parents.

I'm just so thankful that you guys aren't waiting anymore, and that Dax found his way to you!! He and his birth mother and brother are so lucky to have you guys in their lives!!