Thursday, February 16, 2012

happy belated heart's day

this past weekend we had the honour of visiting with daxton's birth mother and brother.  we met them at the local mall again and decided we'd just hang out and catch up.  we correspond weekly via email, but there's nothing like a face to face visit to show you how big the dinosaur has gotten!  we arrived right on time and sat in the main corridor looking to see if we saw "L" and "D2".  all of the sudden i heard someone calling my name.  i was looking all around (looking a fool i am sure) and did not see anyone.  then, finally coming towards me was "L" with a huge grin on her face.  she'd gotten a new hair style and i hardly recognized her.  she looked good.  she looked great.  it was great to see her smiling face and looking like she was at peace.  we gave each other a big hug and i got daxton out of the stroller so she could hold him.  she was very surprised how big he'd gotten since december!  we made our way over to a cafe table where "D2" was seated working on a puzzle.

"D2" gives bashful smiles, but smiles a lot.  he was happy to see us and anxious to get to see his brother again.  he told us all about a puzzle he was working on and what he'd been up to lately.  he wanted to help feed daxton when it was time for his bottle and did a good job helping daxton eat his supper!  he entertained us with a balloon and some stories.  he has a great personality and is so friendly and out going.  he definately has traits that we hope his little brother shares.

"L" had a present for daxton and a card for us.  it really made our heart melt.  our card said:  "love the way you look at life - love the sweet difference you make in mine."  it was good to have that validation that so many adoptive parents long for.  just some sort of confirmation that you're doing the right thing, and that she's happy with this decision.  she gave daxton a sweet little outfit with a bib and socks.  too cute!  we had a couple of things for them as well, so we all sat around the table opening gifts.  it makes us feel good to give them things that they might like - just to brighten up their day a little and let them know we were thinking of them.

the sweetest things from the visit were:
1.  when daxton's passie fell to the ground and will headed off to the restroom to wash it.  "D2" did not know he'd gotten up since he was involved with his sandwich and a balloon.  when he looked up and noticed will was gone he said:  "where'd his dad go?" (pointing to daxton).  made me so peacefully happy.  swoon.

2.  when we got back to their place to drop them off for the night, "L" insisted on hugging will and i two times.  made will over the moon ecstatic to have easy flowing conversation with her and a night capped off with hugs.  so sweet.

we're blessed to be in this open relationship where we can make sure daxton knows he's got love coming at him from every angle.  we're also blessed to be in an open relationship where we can carry on easy conversations with "L" and "D2" and just know that we can say whatever is on our mind.  we're blessed to experience things as a group and to keep them involved in the best way we can.  we're blessed to have such a wonderful extended family.


Ashley said...

Glad you had such a great visit!

BumbersBumblings said...

What a sweet and beautiful meeting!! I love seeing other families embracing open adoption!!

Kelly said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time!

Cat's Litterbox said...

YAY!!! This brought tears to my eyes!! I'm so thankful to read that each visit just gets better and better.

Open adoption isn't easy, but when it works, it's AMAZING. To hear D2 refer to Will as Dax's daddy... that's awesome. So telling about what he's been hearing his own mama say about you guys.

I pray that your relationship with her continues to grow and develop beautifully. Keep those visits coming... I'm sure she cherishes them more than anything in the world.

Miss y'all so much!!!

Kierstin said...

Just awesome!!!!!!