Friday, January 8, 2016

had ourselves a merry little christmas

christmas was super special this past year.  not only was dax 4 years old and full of excitement and wonder, but all of my side of the family joyously descended upon north carolina for a southern christmas!  a christmas without travel is amazing!  conti and i filled their bellies with meatballs, cheeseplates, prime rib, and even banana pancakes.  it was amazing to have time at the holidays with everyone together.  we loved all being around and able to watch dax feel the excitement and enjoy all of his new toys and gifts! 

we spent christmas eve at auntie conti's house.  it was amazing that everyone could come to town and between the two of us we had beds for everyone and nobody had to stay in a hotel!  that has never happened before! everybody enjoyed seeing conti and keek's new home in the south.  james even got to play a round of golf with uncle keek.  he and keek love some golf!

dax's santa list comprised of a bicycle, a kazoo and underpants!  santa did a great job being a good listener and got dax everything he asked for and more.  will and i got dax an instant camera and a watch with a timer.  he loved all of his gifts and enjoyed unwrapping everything to find out what was next even more!  he had too many gifts with all of the family sending him things, and he spent practically the entire day unwrapping!  with his big boy bike being his main gift he was excited to get outside and test it out.  we all went out to watch dax on his first big boy bike ride.  the weather was a balmy 75, so will even walked around in shorts with no shoes.  c'est la holidays in the south!
the entire group!
sleepy boy forgot that this was christmas morning!
"i got a bicycle!"
the kazoo!
gran helping dax learn how to ride his bike.  (don't worry a new helmet is on the way.  the one we ordered was too snug!)
dax using his new instant camera.  he LOVED taking pictures!
the family playing like "jimmy fallon" with dax's new musical instruments.
we all had a great time at the holidays and are looking forward to a healthy, fun and happy 2016!  we've got a feeling this year will be something amazing!

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