Friday, November 14, 2014

Mommy's Freckles


Over there to the right!  See that book cover?  It's a link!

Announcing the "publication" of a book [Mommy's Freckles] written by yours truly in the fundraising efforts for our second transracial adoption!  This sweet little book is written through the perspective of my precious son Dax's eyes and tells the story of a family built by transracial adoption which reminds us that while we're not all entirely the same, we share lots of similar traits. Likewise, regardless of how similar or different we are we're all made in God's image and we're all perfect in His eyes!

Get your ebook version available for download on your ipad or a soft back printed copy today!

One hundred percent of the sales of this book go to benefit our second domestic transracial adoption.

Much Love,
Adri, Will & Dax


Melodie said...

so excited for you guys and this book. just placed my order!

will + adri said...

Melodie! Thanks so much for your purchase! We really hope that you and your family love reading this little book! Many thanks for helping us Search for Bliss!