Wednesday, October 29, 2014

jack o'lantern

somehow we've gotten to the end of october already!  it seems like time is just flying by and we're entering the busiest season of the year.  soon we'll be trick or treating, having daxton's birthday, recovering from his eye surgery, celebrating thanksgiving, and having a merry Christmas!

last night we carved a simple little pumpkin so that we'd have one on our porch this friday.  i had grandiose plans of carving a buzz lightyear pumpkin and even pinned several ideas, but as the time has gotten closer and the nights have gotten shorter we're just running out of time.  so, we pulled out the garbage bag, a giant spoon, a knife, a marker, and selected a pumpkin from the porch.  we thought dax was going to LOVE playing in the pumpkin guts but he ended up having a pretty big meltdown with a lot of "no punki, no, no carv, no gut, no!"  so, will and i just ended up doing the work to get something primitive accomplished so we could get a candle in its belly.  i ended up with a toothpick through my finger and screamed for a medic (just like you see on chopped) after we punched the pumpkin's eye ball out and needed to perform surgery on the jack o'lantern to get his eye reinstalled - but i survived and dax thought it was pretty interesting/entertaining.  

once we got the guts out and mr. pumpkin was all carved up dax thought he was a lot better looking.  he put his "hat" on and then wanted to smile and talk with him.
dax helped daddy put the pumpkin on the porch and told him bye bye until he could see him again in the morning.  he was not as excited as we'd hoped, but we anticipate that trick or treating will be a more successful activity on friday once he finds out he's going to be a certain special disney character.

on a sort of related note we have a ps -

several weeks ago we took dax to our favorite pumpkin patch and he had a blast of a time playing in the hay, riding a choo choo train, taking a hay ride, searching for pumpkins, and jumping around.  we always love our special day at the pumpkin patch since it's where will and i spent so many trips to various pumpkin patches longing to be parents.  (previous posts)  we always love sharing this trip with our sweet boy.

here are our favorite pics from that trip.

dax picked our pumpkins.  he loved the green ones, which we let him bring home - but unfortunately they all rotted before the main event so we had to buy some replacements from the grocery store.


J.L. said...

LOL on needing the Chopped medic. Did you snap a glove on over that injury and keep trucking?

Cute pumpkin! Happy Halloween, guys!

Cat's Litterbox said...

I remember our first trip to that patch with you guys and it warms my heart to see you there with your son. :-) Happy Halloween to y'all!