Tuesday, September 2, 2014

project: big boy bed

the finished product
we could not be more thrilled with project:  big boy bed.   we didn't want to jinx ourselves, but things have gone really well for us so far as the transition goes from crib to dax's big boy bed.  we kept him involved in the entire process and talked a lot about the change that was about to happen, and we really think he was ready for the big day.

here are some snap shots of daxton seeing his big boy bed for the first time.

climbing up!

bouncing!  that's what tiggers do best!

clearing everything off the bed!

except for raffie.

being a silly goose.

testing out the resting.
knock on wood he's slept one week without incident.  he still asks to go to "nigh nigh" when he's tired and we've only had a couple of nights where he couldn't resist the urge to stay awake and read some books or check things out.  naps have been harder than bed time (i think just because of the day light and the fact that he's not THAT tired yet).  however, today he took a 4 hour nap, so maybe we're working back into a pattern.

we have a baby gate on the door, so this helps to keep him safe and from wandering the house in the middle of the night.  we think the thing that we have going for us is that he likes his bed and his room, and often will just ask to go in there to play - so hopefully that will never change.


Ashley said...

I love the colors!!

Cat's Litterbox said...

Gosh, I remember going into the nursery before there was a Dax in your life and seeing how much love and care you put into creating such a calm place for a wee baby. Now look at that wee boy in the same room as a big boy! Where does the time go? His room looks so fun and I'm happy to hear that the transition was wonderful for him (and you guys)!! XOXO