Tuesday, January 21, 2014

proof is in the paleo

some of the paleo meals we've enjoyed
we're on week 3 of the paleo diet now and so far things are moving along pretty well.  (what is paleo?  paleo explained)  we just want to be healthier and be a good example for our sweet boy.  we've been pretty indulgent over the past two years and it's time to act like responsible adults with good eating habits.  we love food and hate exercise, so it's been a bad situation around here.  however, we are dialed in to this new lifestyle and we are both down 9 pounds already, so it seems like things are moving in the right direction.  

the complications come into play when you're tired and have had a long day and then you have a recipe in front of you that takes about an hour to prepare.  i normally love to just see what's in the pantry/fridge and then just wing it, but it's harder to do when you are unfamiliar with the things you can/can't have.  it seems that the more i follow a recipe the longer the preparation takes and then its 7:30 before dinner is set before us.  i love cooking, but cooking three from scratch meals a day is just not something i have time to do with this full time job and parenting gig.  this week i started winging some paleo stuff, and while the meals were not as supremo delicioso (as everything we've eaten from our nomnom recipes have been out of this world), they were a lot faster to pull off and still tasted good.  last night i made a "fake" stir fried "rice" by using the miracle noodles, collard greens, onions, carrots, chicken, and cashews.  the coconut aminos really gives the taste of soy sauce and the "noodles", when all chopped up really gave the texture of rice.  carbs/noodles/rice are what i crave the most, so it was nice to have the feeling of eating rice.

snacking seemed hard until we pulled out all of the fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, herbed nuts, carrot sticks and celery with cashew butter.  we're finding things we can eat that we like and it's making each day a little easier.  certain lara bars are approved and those are helpful when you're on the go or really in a pinch.  not ever letting yourself get into that "hungry monster" phase is very helpful.

we both feel internally better in the gut.  the two times we've cheated (once by free will and once by necessity after a night in the er) we've both ended up with intestinal troubles.  for me it was just something that i thought i would always live with, but that in the past year i'd begun to think i was a bit lactose intolerant.  still, i would rely on meals of cereal, consume bowls of ice cream, or indulge in the double dirty chai latte.  sometimes i would remember to take a lactaid, and other times i wouldn't and i would pay the price.  since going paleo (except for the after effects of those two cheat meals) i have had no gut problems and my body has felt a lot better overall.

daddy and daxy play at the park
 while we've been to the gym only once so far, we have also gone on family walks, and been to the park.  it's been cold and 2 of the 3 of us have developed some sinusy crud, but we're being active and that's a big help to our overall momentum.  hopefully we'll be able to get into a more active routine here soon.

so far the proof is in the paleo and we're committed and sticking to it!

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Meredith said...

9 lbs is awesome! :) Visiting from your SITS tribe.