Sunday, November 3, 2013

3, 2, 1 - blast off!

we just celebrated dax's 2nd birthday this weekend.  we had loads of family and friends pop in and join us for this big day.  one sister drove in from virginia and even my little sister surprised us with a trip all the way in from chi town!  will's folks traveled all the way from mississippi!  it was great to have so many people here loving on our big boy!  we all had a great time and cherished every second.

dax has been in love with a little rocket his gran-gran gave him last Christmas.  ever since that time you'll find him (several times daily) shouting out "free, tew, one - blah blah" - which means 3, 2, 1 - blast off.  he does it with such energy and vigor - it's pretty adorable.  so, for dax's love of the rocket - we gave him a rocket party.

will downloaded tons of rocket ship and space themed music and i worked on setting the mood with the decor.  we decked the place out with red, teal, and silver.  the rocket motif was spread throughout the main floor.  24 balloons covered the ceiling in the keeping room where the mantle was lined with asteroids, a wooden rocket, and a giant number 2!  all of the food was marked with space themed wooden name tags, and everything we served was something dax loves. 
party favor room
rocket ship cookies
asteroids for party favors
spinning glitter paper banners
paper towel tube rockets  

a giant number 2 and a wooden rocket ship sat on the mantle
a cosmic cake shaped like a rocket filled everyone's bellies!
we served all of dax's favorite foods including popcorn (aka - meteors)
dax's all time favorite food - cherry tomatoes
dax does not care for chipotle cheese balls, but he does love crackers
having his party lunch
hearing the "happy birthday" song while the #2 sparkler was fired up
a game of "pin the flame on the rocket" was fun for everyone!
adults and children played!
there were lots of winners!
after a while we headed out side to set off some rockets in the front yard.
preparing for launch
and off it goes!
wow!  straight into orbit!
dax jetted around the yard with his jet pack
running all around!
here he comes!
birthday boy!
dax loved all of the attention he got at his party on saturday.  he certainly hammed it up for the crowd.  everyone was so amazed at how fast he's growing and participated in pouring out the love.  this party was definitely out of this world!

will and i both have off this friday for dax's actual birthday.  we're excited to celebrate a fun filled day at a kid's museum with him.  it will be another one-on-one day of focusing only on our sweet boy and the joy that he brings to our lives!


Ashley said...

You did such a great job! I love all the food and party favors! Happy birthday, Dax!

J.L. said...

Happy birthday, Daxton! The decorations, cake, and family all beautiful!

Cat's Litterbox said...

Amazing. I can't believe he's about to turn two. Where has the time gone? The party looked so great and I love all the decorations.

Enjoy his birthday together and have fun at the museum!!!