Thursday, September 27, 2012


we've been looking forward to our annual family vacation since we booked it this spring.  even though it seemed like light years away back then, it's suddenly upon us within 48 hours.  i went to lunch with some friends this week and they sarcastically asked me if i was packed.  then they all laughed because they know i am a last minute packer.  in just about every other segment of my life i am a planner, but for some reason when it comes to packing to go anywhere - i will wait until the last possible minute to make the list, wash the clothes, pack said clothes, and get things into the car.  it probably all stems back to my childhood. 

it seems like we were always late getting on the road because we were still packing.  see, a family with three girls who all had their own suitcases and their own priorities was a pretty difficult thing to coordinate.  i think that i probably always had my jazz a little bit more together than my counter parts, but still over time began to lose the early packing incentive associated with getting your bag done early.  see, with  no reward - what was the point?  i rarely ever get somewhere and have forgotten something, i don't lay awake at night before my trip worrying about it, and i am not fretting over it while i am frantically doing it - so why not put it off?

so for this upcoming trip, while i should probably be packing - i am blogging.  we've got tonight, we've got tomorrow - after all we don't leave until saturday morning!


Melodie said...

well, it looks like you have Dax, so that else do you really need!? enjoy your family time away!

Christie said...

Hi! I wanted to stop by and thank you for linking up with the Christian Adoption Link up! I pray that you find new relationships and lots of encouragement from it! Praying for you guys and he is BEAUTIFUL! What a blessing!


Heather said...

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