Saturday, April 9, 2011

oh yeah - bargain!

i love a bargain.  i love being prepared.  so, when i find a bargain item that is on the list that helps me work towards being prepared for the arrival of the baby - i am on cloud 9.

today we had to stop at our local harris teeter to pick up some prescriptions.  since this store opened, they've opened a store that is even closer to our house, but it does not have a pharmacy - so we no longer shop in this grocery store itself, but just stop here to get the meds on our way to and fro.  this afternoon i decided i would just check for earth's best size 1 diapers while we were in the store because i had not previously looked at this specific store location.

i am pretty good at knowing when i see a "clearance" tag at ht, and i knew from the moment i saw the tag on the shelf that we were on to something good.  sure enough, the size 1 earth's best diapers were clearanced from $11.99 to $5.99 per package!  i looked at husband, he looked at me, and he said - "i'll go get a cart!"  i stood there and put the stock pile i had started to grab back on the shelf and waited for him to return with the cart.  he got there and we wiped out the shelf. 

7 packs of 44 diapers is 308 diapers for $42, which works out to about .14 cents per diaper!  we know all of these diapers will come into use when we're working with a newborn until they are out of that meconium stage before we pull out the cloth diaper arsenal!

(amelia is amazed at the leaning tower of diapers)