Friday, November 19, 2010

giving thanks

we're packing our bags and heading to be with family for thanksgiving.  we're taking some important things with us this year - and it's not turkey and stuffing!
  • initial adoption application
  • doctor's approval letters
  • printed photos of us
  • padded mailer
we plan on taking the time this next week to officially finish our initial application and make sure we are ready to get this thing in the mail by December 1.  we're so excited to finally be at this stage of the game.  since we've been fighting infertility since 2004 it seemed like a baby would never come, but now we can both not only see why we're on this path, but why we needed to wait, and why adoption is how we'd be building our family.  we're both so hopeful and assured by God that a baby is on the way.

i feel like putting the application in the mail box is going to feel like getting a positive pregnancy test.  i remember talking with will last thanksgiving.  we were standing in his parent's yard discussing our Christmas letter, where we were announcing the plans for preparedness in adoption for 2011.  we talked about how open we'd be with family and friends so as to not deprive ourselves of the feelings and support that expectant parents have all along the way.  i do not think either one of us dreamed how not cheated we'd feel by this process, and how much more amazing we feel right now than we ever hoped we could.

so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving.


Melodie said...

so thrilled to read this post. so proud of you! how you are soaking it all in with peace and patience. god is getting ready to bless you! love you stranger! :)

Gregarious Gus said...

I remember this time last year (the day after Thanksgiving) Steve and I did our autobiographies for our formal application. I can remember thinking, "I hope this is the last Thanksgiving without a baby." My how prayers are answered!

The fun is just beginning for you two. I took pictures of the envelope when we sent off for the initial application and formal application. I think that was the easy part... the hard part was the waiting once we were on the waiting list. Enjoy this exciting time and hopefully this time next year you'll have a little one to be thankful with!!

Kierstin said...

LOVE this picture of you guys!! Praying for you and can't wait to read more about your paper pregnancy and delivery of God's perfectly chosen child for you!!